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"Shoe fairs" around the world begin...

Publicado 12/06/2015

It is today when customers send their new shoe collection to our shoe factory Manuel Vera. We are working on new shoe collections already. These are time of being nervous, Shoe Fairs are coming…

People who know and work in shoe world, know about Micam, it is one of the most important and famous fair, globally recognized.

Micam is an international medium-high shoe exhibition. It is a fair oper to the public, where you can go on a walk and see all stands full of important shoe brands, too many of them manufactured in Spain.

Micam is a meeting point for shoe manufacturers, shoe distributors and shoe agents in order to discover and learn about new shoe trends.

Micam is celebrated every year for all shoe lovers, it is an indispensable point for business.

But there is more fairs such as Dusseldorf, Shoes & Leather Guangzhou, Smota Miami, IFEMA…

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"Innovation is what distinguishes a leader of the others"

Publicado 25/05/2015

Máquina de cortadoMáquina de cortadoThe strength of technology is such that it has achieved strong penetration in practically all areas of society. The Shoes industry is one of many who did not want to miss this wave of innovation. Comfort in Shoes has been instrumental in this commitment to get innovation in our shoes.

To further increase sales of shoes, the Shoes companies have to innovate if they want to increase productivity. While the shoe manufactured in Spain, especially in Elda, is an artisan product.

Spanish Shoes make a big impact in the world, relying on the quality of our shoes "made in Spain".

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Record number of shoes export 2014

Publicado 20/05/2015

As we can see shoe manufacturers, shoe sector seems to be reactivating. An increase of 17% in value and 14% in pairs are the results of last year 2014, very positive data and record numbers that exceed the best results. Manuel Vera, is one of the Elda Shoe Companies which can corroborate this information today.

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Our Shoe Factory, giving to Margarita Vargas her shoe

Publicado 18/05/2015

Last 8th of May, many Shoes Factories located in Elda, met in Madrid in order to give to the Best Shoe Woman 2014, Margarita Vargas, their shoes from Spring/Summer. Some Shoes Factories from Elda, made with all our affection a pair of shoes for her, the Spanish Shoes Ambassador.

Once again, Shoes Factories from Elda, gave a pair of shoes to the winner.

Manuel Vera, was one of the factories, who gave her a pair of heels made on a good colour for her. We had the detail to give her a pair of flat shoes as well.  

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Manuel Vera "Oscars Ceremony"

Publicado 11/05/2015

Manuel Vera "The Oscars"

Press report about Manuel Vera´s factory in national news in Tele 5, last 24th. February of 2015 on the occasion of "Oscars" Manuel Vera explains laborious process of shoes and quality of them.

INSIDE THE SHOE at Manuel Vera's Home

Publicado 11/05/2015

By Manuela Laguna


The entrance a while wall shows proud by, the name at Manuel Vera, who belongs to a dynasty of shoemakers.

You walk in to the factory, to find a zen place, where you can see, some of Manuel´s master pieces to whom we are going to know

en casa del maestro Manuel Vera

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Manuel Vera's Production Process

Publicado 11/05/2015


Audiovisual production about Manuel Vera´s factory, where we can appreciate quality of our shoes in a virtual video and manufacturing process carried out by our factory, located in Elda.

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Margarita Vargas, Best Shoe Woman 2014

Publicado 11/05/2015

Margarita Vargas, Luis Alfonso´s wife, was awarded the best shoe woman 2014, given in shoe museum of Elda. According Adela Pedrosa, Mayoress and president of shoe museum, Margarita represent elegance, good performance, as well as having social significance.

Margarita Vargas, Mejor Calzada 2014

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María Teresa Campos, Best Shoe Woman 2013

Publicado 11/05/2015

María Teresa Campos has been the best shoe woman in 2013, decided by Elda shoe museum. This museum reward every year Spanish woman who promoting Spanish shoe. Presenter of “Que tiempo tan feliz” moved to Elda to pick up the prize. It was an event where we could see different shoes. 

Maria Teresa Campos, Mejor Calzada 2013

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Duquesa de Alba, Best Shoe Woman 2012

Publicado 11/05/2015

In the world benchmark of ladies shoes, in the presence of dozens of business men and women, Cayetana de Alba, showed gratitude for receiving "The best shoe woman" award, and also for being surrounded for wonderful shoes.

"I have always thought that Spanish shoes are the most beautiful, comfortable and originals all over the world. All my shoes are Spanish she said before the applause of all the attendees.

Duquesa de Alba, Mejor Calzada 2012

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